About Us

We're management under M.I.S.S.CONSULT in order to extended our services DISC Test for companies in Thailand. Briefly about M.I.S.S.Consult, we're successful regarding performance coach and its spred viral, therefore we extended our services to general organization in 2004.

Our services focuses on training within the organization, conducting international standard psychological test to find what can be improve and selecting staffs for appropriate position. Currently, there are more than 180 companies which employs services from M.I.S.S.Consult domestically and internationally.

M.I.S.S.Consult is based on psychology, we focus on the understanding between the individual’s needs

and organization needs. Because we believe that sustainable success comes from understanding one

another and their reaction/response to what is happening.

An organization would gain sustainable success when the organization understand and value their

employees/staff in regarding to the organization mission, vision, and their obligations towards the

customers and society.

The employee would be successful when their work and lifestyle are based on understanding and

give appropriate value to themselves and their organization. They should look forward to learning

new things and improve themselves, even their health, body and mind.

The business world moves fast with high competition and interaction, most organization choose to

find a quick solution to their problem. They would be successful, but only short term. According to

research; organizations that were able to gain sustainable (long term) success focuses on building its

core values in their employees. The employees would be able to understand, participate and grow

alongside the organization. Today, as a manager, you are the one to choose whether to use quick

solution or seek those who have vision for sustainable (long term) success.