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Harness the power of conflict by transforming destructive behavior into productive responses.



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The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Learning Experience

Are you tired of dealing with conflicts in a destructive way that leads to unsatisfactory outcomes? Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict is the solution you have been looking for. The assessment profile is designed to help you become more self-aware regarding conflict behaviors. Everything DiSC Productive Conflict equips you with the necessary techniques to control destructive behaviors and respond more effectively to conflict situations.


A Profiles explores DiSC® in conflict, allowing you to understand your negative conflict responses. It offers a method for making more productive choices in responding to conflicts. The result? You'll be able to approach conflicts with a new level of confidence and effectiveness. Say goodbye to unproductive conflicts and hello to more positive outcomes with Everything DiSC Productive Conflict.

Participants will learn how to :

  • Appreciate how their style of handling conflict affects the people around them

  • Learn how to “catch” themselves when going down a destructive conflict path

  • Learn how to reframe a conflict situation and choose more productive behaviors

  • Build a common language in the organization around appropriate conflict behavior

Program Components:

Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile

  • The 22-page Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile provides an in-depth, highly personalized report that highlights techniques to improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors. 

  • Customizable: Online tailoring options make it easy to remove or rearrange pages, customize the Profile title, or print select sections.

  • Existing Data: If learners have existing data from a previous DiSC® training, that data can be used with the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile. 

  • Your DiSC Style in Conflict: Participants explore their own DiSC styles and learn how to interact in conflict with people with different DiSC styles.

  • Destructive Responses: Participants explore common destructive responses to conflict and why they and others might react this way. This valuable information can also relate to conflict in non-work settings.

  • Changing Your Response: Participants practice stepping back from and reframing their unhealthy thought patterns, allowing them to choose more productive responses to conflict.

Follow-up Tools:


Participants can access MyEverythingDiSC, the mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal that provides on-demand insights about DiSC and strategies for applying DiSC to real work situations.

Everything DiSC® Comparison Report

It is ideal for individual coaching or small group work. Insightful and robust 10-page research-validated reports can be created for any two participants—even people who have taken different Everything DiSC profiles, such as a manager and a direct report who completed Everything DiSC Workplace®. Reports illustrate their similarities and differences, potential roadblocks in working together, and practical tips for improving working relationships between colleagues—unlimited access to all Everything DiSC profiles.

Everything DiSC® Team View

An at-a-glance view of an unlimited number of respondents and their individual Everything DiSC maps. Unlimited access to all Everything DiSC profiles.

Everything DiSC® Supplement for Facilitators

In-depth data on an individual’s Everything DiSC assessment to help facilitate a richer discussion about the participant’s DiSC style, including unexpected items. Unlimited access to all Everything DiSC profiles (excluding Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders).

Everything DiSC® Facilitator Report

Ideal for pre-session planning to help craft strategies for working with specific groups and individuals. A composite of a group's DiSC styles, including the names and styles of each participant, and graphics that illustrate at a glance the distribution of styles within the group and suggest ways to customize the delivery of the material or plan for breakout sessions to get the most out of the program. Sold separately.

Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report

Examines the DiSC culture of a group, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of each style and its influence on the decision.


Sample Reports

Transform uncomfortable workplace encounters into opportunities for growth and success with Everything DiSC Productive Conflict. We can help you harness the power of conflict to build stronger relationships and achieve better results. Don't let conflict hold you back - discover the benefits of Everything DiSC Productive Conflict today.

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