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Our dynamic 360-degree feedback application can Enhance leadership effectiveness.

Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders is a tool that helps leaders get feedback from their colleagues and create personalized strategies for improvement. It can benefit both new leaders and experienced executives. Everything DiSC 363® offers tips, techniques, and guidance for introducing the tool to an organization, getting approval from senior leadership, determining implementation scope and timeline, and delivering a customized feedback and coaching program to meet specific leadership development needs.

A Powerful 360 Tool

Imagine a company where each leader understands and values the leadership behaviors that employees want to see. Everything DiSC 363 provides practical advice, simple tactics, and achievable steps to achieve this goal. It's a 360 leadership proficiency framework that answers the question of "what's next?" for coaching executives, developing leaders, or helping aspiring leaders. Everything DiSC 363 is the perfect resource for these tasks.

Help your leaders to

  • Understand their leadership style, competencies, and behaviours

  • Discover how they carry out their leadership role

  • Discover how others view their style compared with how they see themselves

  • Understand the leadership behaviours employees want to see more or less of

  • Improve their overall leadership effectiveness

Program Components

  • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Profile

  • Two-part self-rating tool for leaders combines the research-validated, online Everything DiSC® and Leadership Behaviors assessments. The 22+-page 360° profile report provides

  • Context-specific feedback using intuitive easy-to-read visuals

  • Clear definitions of the Eight Approaches and associated behavioral Practices

  • Graphic illustrations that break down feedback by type of rater (e.g., managers, peers, direct reports) Detailed rater comments on all 24 Practices

  • Three personalized strategies that identify areas where leaders have the greatest opportunities for improvement, based on their unique DiSC style and specific feedback provided by raters

  • Two-part research-validated, online assessment for raters combines the Leadership Behaviors assessment and an additional Leadership Requests survey that asks raters to identify which leadership practices they would like to see the leader engage in more frequently.  Powered by our exclusive CommentSmart feature, raters choose from a variety of selectable comments that provide focused, balanced, and constructive feedback that leader can actually use. An unlimited number of raters can be engaged in this 360-feedback process.

Program Overview

Getting Started Guide delivers a comprehensive toolkit of resources to walk you through the five crucial phases of the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders implementation process, including: 

  • Program set up: clarify the purpose, scope, and timeline of activities; conduct meetings with the project team, executive sponsor, EPIC administrator, and coach.

  • Communication: email and memo templates to announce the program to the organization, notify leaders of their selection to participate, and launch the process with participants and raters

  • Assessment: all the details your EPIC administrator will need for successful assessment administration, from assigning access codes to generating final reports.

  • Coaching: tools and techniques to help coaches prepare for delivering feedback, meeting with leaders to review results, providing guidance to identify development areas and create action plans, and scheduling follow-up meeting to measure progress and promote accountability.

  • Wrap-up: tips for meeting with your project team to review results and plan next steps.

How it Work

Leaders & Raters

Leaders take a two-part, self-rating online assessment combining the Everything DiSC® and Leadership Behaviors assessments to measure their general behavioral style and traits and leadership preferences and tendencies. Raters are given a two-part, research-validated online assessment that combines the Leadership Behaviors assessment (also taken by the leader) with an additional Leadership Request survey that asks raters to identify which leadership practices they would like to see the leader engage in more frequently. Leaders can have an unlimited number or raters.


Raters save time and reduce stress with CommentSmart, our exclusive selectable comments feature that allows raters to choose from highly tested, behavior-focused comments to give more richness, context, and depth to their feedback.

Sample Reports

Follow-up Tools


363 Coaching Supplement

  • An additional tool for pre-coaching session planning that provides an overview of a leader’s DiSC style to help facilitate a more comprehensive and meaningful interpretation of the multi-rater feedback. Details about the leader’s profile report and rater comments are included, along with norms representing the average score of all leaders that have taken the assessment and a Performance Gap Analysis that compares an individual’s performance to the typical performance expected for someone with a similar DiSC style.

363 For Leaders Facilitator Report

  • Designed to be used exclusively with the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile, the 363 for Leaders Facilitator Report pulls data from multiple 363 profiles to assemble 360° feedback for a group of leaders. Along with a group summary, the 363 Facilitator Report breaks up data by each rater category (e.g. manager, peer, direct report) and each practice within their profiles. This report also visually illustrates the robust collection of feedback data at a glance by offering a unique 363 graph for each leader to compare and contrast feedback from every angle. Sold separately.

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